Responsibilities of a Worker’s Compensation Attorney


A worker’s compensation attorney can do quite a lot to help a victim of a workplace injury or illness to pursue their benefits. It is possible to file for claims without a lawyer, but it is going to be a lot more difficult without an experienced lawyer. I was injured on the job and was unaware of my potential to collect worker’s compensation until I met with an accident lawyer in New York City. One of my coworkers recommended New York City’s Select Attorney after my injury, and I was able to speak to one of NYC’s leading accident lawyers immediately.The claims filed can be based on medical costs, mental anguish, and lost wages, among others. Some of the responsibilities of a worker’s compensation attorney are highlighted below.

To Gather Medical Records and Evidence

A worker’s compensation attorney can help you to gather all the relevant evidence that will work to your favor when it comes to getting compensation. Without the relevant experience and knowledge, you will not be able to identify the type of evidence to collect or how to get the evidence. The same applies to the medical expenses that you are going to incur due to the illness or accident. You will then be in a position to claim the right amount of compensation.

Performing Legal Research

In most cases related to worker’s compensation, there is usually a lot of research and discovery involved to uncover what happened and whether the claims can stand in court. Doing the study requires a lot of knowledge and experience, which the lawyer you hire should have. With the right lawyer, the research and discoveries will help greatly to increase your chances of getting your rightful compensation.

Court Representation

A majority of compensation claim cases are usually settled out of court. For some, however, the parties involved never come to an agreement, which results in the case ending up in court. When that happens, your worker’s compensation attorney will represent you in court. Having a qualified and experienced lawyer representing you in court increases your chances of winning the case.


Dealing with Paperwork

In most compensation cases, there is usually a lot of paperwork involved in the process. That includes reporting to the relevant authorities, dealing with medical reports, and dealing with the insurance company. For cases that make it to court, the paperwork will be even more. Hiring a lawyer will relieve you from the duties of having to deal with all the paperwork. Your lawyer is also less likely to make any mistakes while doing the paperwork. Errors in paperwork can potentially result in you losing the compensation case even when you truly deserve to be compensated.