Advantages Of Hiring A Good Migration Lawyer

Any immigration process is no walk in the park. It involves excessive paperwork, and with the increasing national security threats, it is becoming harder to acquire citizenship. In the US less than 60% of fiancée and marriage visa petitions filed get issued while ordinary visas have a difficult time obtaining citizenship. It explains the need to engage an immigration lawyer to foresee the application process. Below are the advantages of hiring a good migration lawyer.

They Prepare And Process The Applicant’s PetitionsImmigration documents

Immigration documents are often lengthy and overwhelming to the average applicant hence the need to hire immigration lawyer who files and prepares the petitions with the government agency. He has extensive experience and expertise in developing the paperwork thus presenting a strong case. He also knows all the documentation the immigration officers require to apply for citizenship, work permits and marriage licenses without making mistakes that delay the process. Note that immigration officers are trained to make the process lengthy and complicated and to make any mistake gets you repeating the entire process.

Represents You During A Consulate Interview

Consulate interviews are mandatory when applying for a marriage-based visa. An immigration attorney guides you through the necessary steps for a successful consulate interview and equips you with the skills to answer all the questions asked during the interview. Note that since the purpose of the interview is to determine the eligibility of the visa applicant, the spouse does not need to attend the meeting. However, children who are 14 years of age and are included in the immigration application have to participate in the consular interview. The immigration lawyer may request the officers to allow the spouse to attend the interview where the applicant wants to bring him.

They Help You Understand The Facts

finger print on flag colorsImmigration laws are complex and entail lots of details and practices. He explains all the available options so that you understand the scope of your situation. For example, if you divorced your spouse before obtaining citizenship and you are now altering the status based on the second marriage to another citizen it can be difficult to explain the first marriage wasn’t a sham. In such cases, immigration officers argue that the second marriage is for the sole purpose of obtaining permanent residence in the country. An immigration attorney steps in to represent a strong case which improves the odds of acquiring citizenship. Additionally, an experienced immigration lawyer is knowledgeable about all the procedures involved in an immigration process. Whether you want to obtain a work permit or acquire full citizenship, he knows what you need to get it. Other situations that demand individual to hire immigration lawyers to include:
· If a marriage to a citizen (say the US) failed before you could file a petition to eliminate the condition on your residency and you now have to present it alone

· If you are settling in with your family and one of your kids could attain the age of 21 before obtaining permanent residence. An attorney provides an expeditious method to get citizenship

· Where you are getting a green card based on employment but the employer has not offered to handle the immigration procedure