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When a relationship hits stormy waters, "divorce" may seem like the "solution" to the problem - at least, for one of the parties involved.

Divorce is a harsh and demoralizing way to deal with issues that have not been addressed in other ways. In fact, relationship-distress can be a "growth-summons" that forces us into self-examination because of the pain we experience.

Research shows that 80% of divorce cases are non-consensual with one of the parties taking command of the family's future. When no-fault was originally enacted, the drafters of this law expected that most divorce would be consensual, or at least, promoted the law that way. The process does not allow any reflection on the problems ot a chance to sort things out.

We need a different forum - Marriage Hospitals - for handling sensitive human relationship problems. The civil court system is not set up to be that kind of place.

Most important, the children lose their most precious possession: their intact family.

What are you going to do in your own case? ...submit to the status quo? ...or seek out something different? Families in this country have not been served well by the law and the process that's in place. It's time to take another look.

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Michael Reagan tells in his book,Twice Adopted, of his
own childhood experience of his parents' divorce (Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman), plus an excerpt about his father's later role in California's No-Fault Divorce.

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